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Picking the right career

How to apply

Step 1

Visit the graduate careers pages on our website

Step 2

Check details about the role:

Step 3

Check your eligibility to apply:

  • do/will you have the correct qualification?
  • do you have Australian citizenship or permanent residency?
  • do you meet the requirements for the accounting professional study program?

Step 4

Discuss the role and your suitability for it with your referees.

Step 5

Plan your application by organising the information to be included to ensure that no detail is missed.

Step 6

Prepare your resume.


  • your name and address including email and mobile contact
  • education details
  • employment history
  • professional development
  • activities/interrests
  • current referees.

Step 7

Write your competency statement by providing a brief description on how you meet each of the following competencies required for the role (outlined in the role description):

  • achieve results
  • communicate effectively
  • continuous learning and applying specialist expertise
  • leading and relating to people
  • problem solving
  • quality orientation.

Address each competency seperately -  use each competency as a heading. Select appropriate examples from your work, study or community involvement to demonstrate you meet the particular competency. No more than half a page for each competency or two to three pages overall is required.

The examples of behaviour listed under the competencies in the role description can be used as a guide when framing your examples however you do not need to address each behaviour individually in your competency statement.

Step 8

Prepare your cover letter.


  • the role you are applying for
  • date and where the role was advertised
  • the vacancy number
  • brief summary of you relevant skills, abilities, knowledge and experience
  • Why you are interested in the role and working at the Auditor-General's Department.

Step 9

Proof read your documents and proof read again.

Step 10

Check your application and read it thoroughly to make sure:

  • it says what you want it to say
  • all competencies have been covered
  • there are no grammar or spelling mistakes
  • the application is easy to read.

Step 11

To apply have the following documents ready and go to Current job vacancies

  • Cover letter
  • Competency statement
  • Resume
  • Proof of qualifications
  • And proof of residency/Australian citizenship.

The Department will only accept your first submitted application.

Acknowledgement of Applications

You will receive an acknowledgement email if your application has been successfully submitted . 

Applications close Friday 7 April 2017