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The Auditor-General produces several types of reports to Parliament. The main report is the Auditor-General’s Annual Report which is required to be completed by 30 September each year. It has three parts:

Part A Executive summary – A summary of the main matters the Auditor-General believes should be brought to Parliament’s attention from our annual audits of public sector agencies.  This includes significant financial outcomes, events and control matters communicated to agencies and small-scale specific reviews. 

Part B Controls opinion – A report on our approach to the controls opinion and the significant control matters we identified in our controls opinion audit work for the year. 

Part C Agency audit reports – A summary of the audit outcomes for each agency included in the annual report, including commentary on significant issues of administration, financial management and control. 


In addition, the Auditor-General produces other reports throughout the year on significant financial management, accounting and control matters within the public sector. 

These may include reports on: 

  • the efficiency, economy and effectiveness with which a public authority uses its resources. 

  • examinations specifically requested by the Parliament of South Australia, Treasurer, Minister or the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption 

  • examinations initiated by the Auditor-General of specific issues of importance and interest in the local government sector 

  • the Adelaide Oval redevelopment 

  • summaries of confidential government contracts

  • the operations of the Auditor-General's Department 

Audited financial reports 

Under section 36(1)(4) of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1987 copies of the financial statements of all agencies audited by the Auditor-General are published on this web site. 

Copies of financial statements for the last two financial years can be found at 2020 and 2019

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