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2020 - Public sector agencies' audited financial reports:
Aboriginal Lands Trust388.66 KBDownload
Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board888.54 KBDownload
Adelaide Cemeteries Authority3.11 MBDownload
Adelaide Festival Centre Trust2.88 MBDownload
Adelaide Festival Corporation1.77 MBDownload
Adelaide Film Festival2.29 MBDownload
Adelaide Hills Wine Industry Fund1.45 MBDownload
Adelaide Oval SMA Limited5.15 MBDownload
Adelaide Venue Management Corporation5.21 MBDownload
Agents Indemnity Fund1.32 MBDownload
Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management Board656.66 KBDownload
Art Gallery Board4.47 MBDownload
Attorney-General's Department9.98 MBDownload
Auditor Generals Department1.86 MBDownload
Australian Children's Performing Arts Company1.87 MBDownload
Australian Energy Market Commission3.79 MBDownload
Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network Incorporated4.27 MBDownload
Barossa Wine Industry Fund1.46 MBDownload
Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium - Board of the 2.69 MBDownload
Carrick Hill Trust3.31 MBDownload
Central Adelaide Local Health Network Incorporated6.37 MBDownload
Child Protection, Department for 4.98 MBDownload
Citrus Growers Fund1.43 MBDownload
Clare Valley Wine Industry Fund1.47 MBDownload
Coast Protection Board1.84 MBDownload
Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health1.55 MBDownload
Commissioner for Public Sector Employment - Office of the 2.35 MBDownload
Construction Industry Training Board5.32 MBDownload
Correctional Services - Department for6.06 MBDownload
Courts Administration Authority5.98 MBDownload
CTP Regulator2.87 MBDownload
Dairy Authority of South Australia2.80 MBDownload
Defence SA3.98 MBDownload
Distribution Lessor Corporation1.76 MBDownload
Dog and Cat Management Board2.09 MBDownload
Dog Fence Board2.21 MBDownload
Education - Department for12.33 MBDownload
Electoral Commission of SA4.43 MBDownload
Energy and Mining - Department for7.61 MBDownload
Environment and Water - Department for9.28 MBDownload
Environment Protection Authority5.27 MBDownload
Erye Peninsula Grain Growers Rail Fund1.18 MBDownload
Essential Services Commission of South Australia2.90 MBDownload
Eyre and Far North Local Health Network Incorporated3.98 MBDownload
Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board776.18 KBDownload
Flinders and Upper North Local Health Network Incorporated3.56 MBDownload
Flinders University10.64 MBDownload
Generation Lessor Corporation2.19 MBDownload
Governors' Pensions Scheme2.33 MBDownload
Grain Industry Fund1.43 MBDownload
Grain Industry Research and Development Fund1.47 MBDownload
Green Industries SA3.41 MBDownload
Health and Wellbeing - Department for10.12 MBDownload
Health Services Charitable Gifts Board2.37 MBDownload
History Trust of South Australia4.08 MBDownload
HomeStart Finance14.33 MBDownload
Human Services - Department of8.16 MBDownload
Independent Commissioner Against Corruption3.46 MBDownload
Independent Gaming Corporation Ltd9.11 MBDownload
Industry Advocate1.93 MBDownload
Infrastructure SA1.55 MBDownload
Innovation and Skills, Department for6.31 MBDownload
International Koala Centre of Excellence1.93 MBDownload
Judges' Pensions Scheme2.39 MBDownload
Judicial Conduct Commissioner1.19 MBDownload
Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board677.41 KBDownload
Langhorne Creek Wine Industry Fund1.49 MBDownload
Legal Services Commission3.74 MBDownload
Legislature, The - House of Assembly2.06 MBDownload
Legislature, The - Joint Parliamentary Service2.33 MBDownload
Legislature, The - Legislative Council2.09 MBDownload
Libraries Board of South Australia4.29 MBDownload
Lifetime Support Authority of South Australia4.32 MBDownload
Limestone Coast Local Health Network Incorporated3.88 MBDownload
Local Government Finance Authority of South Australia4.14 MBDownload
Lotteries Commission of South Australia2.82 MBDownload
McLaren Vale Wine Industry Fund1.47 MBDownload
Motor Accident Commission3.27 MBDownload
Mumungari Conservation Park Co-management Board1.61 MBDownload
Museum Board4.15 MBDownload
National Rail Safety Regulator - Office of the 1.85 MBDownload
Native Vegetation Fund1.17 MBDownload
Northern Adelaide Local Health Network Incorporated4.42 MBDownload
Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board653.62 KBDownload
Outback Communities Authority2.37 MBDownload
Parliamentary Superannuation Scheme2.74 MBDownload
Planning and Development Fund1.68 MBDownload
Planning, Transport and Infrastructure - Department of12.55 MBDownload
Police Superannuation Scheme3.72 MBDownload
Premier and Cabinet - Department of the6.54 MBDownload
Primary Industries and Regions - Department of9.78 MBDownload
Public Trustee9.03 MBDownload
Rail Commissioner1.69 MBDownload
Recreation, Sport and Racing - Office for5.37 MBDownload
Residential Tenancies Fund1.42 MBDownload
Retail Shop Leases Fund1.68 MBDownload
Return to Work Corporation of South Australia6.34 MBDownload
Riverland Mallee Coorong Local Health Network Incorporated3.89 MBDownload
Riverland Wine Industry Fund1.46 MBDownload
Rural Industry Adjustment and Development Fund1.14 MBDownload
SA Ambulance Service Inc4.69 MBDownload
SACE Board of South Australia3.33 MBDownload
Second-hand Vehicles Compensation Fund1.13 MBDownload
Small Business Commissioner2.89 MBDownload
South Australia Police6.82 MBDownload
South Australian Ambulance Service Superannuation Scheme2.86 MBDownload
South Australian Apiary Industry Fund1.33 MBDownload
South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board1.05 MBDownload
South Australian Cattle Industry Fund1.65 MBDownload
South Australian Country Arts Trust6.36 MBDownload
South Australian Country Fire Service4.64 MBDownload
South Australian Film Corporation5.74 MBDownload
South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission6.84 MBDownload
South Australian Forestry Corporation4.36 MBDownload
South Australian Government Financing Authority14.63 MBDownload
South Australian Grape Growers Industry Fund1.47 MBDownload
South Australian Housing Trust6.28 MBDownload
South Australian Local Government Grants Commission1.76 MBDownload
South Australian Mental Health Commission1.71 MBDownload
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service4.57 MBDownload
South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board736.69 KBDownload
South Australian Pig Industry Fund1.45 MBDownload
South Australian Productivity Commission - Office of the 1.38 MBDownload
South Australian Sheep Industry Fund1.68 MBDownload
South Australian State Emergency Service4.72 MBDownload
South Australian Superannuation Board1.50 MBDownload
South Australian Superannuation Scheme3.00 MBDownload
South Australian Tourism Commission3.95 MBDownload
South Australian Water Corporation7.68 MBDownload
South East Natural Resources Management Board1.09 MBDownload
South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board3.05 MBDownload
Southern Adelaide Local Health Network Incorporated4.59 MBDownload
Southern State Superannuation Scheme2.84 MBDownload
State Opera of South Australia3.10 MBDownload
State Owned Generators Leasing Co Pty Ltd1.53 MBDownload
State Planning Commission1.25 MBDownload
State Procurement Board1.23 MBDownload
State Theatre Company of South Australia2.86 MBDownload
Stormwater Management Authority2.27 MBDownload
StudyAdelaide2.87 MBDownload
Super SA Retirement Investment Fund3.00 MBDownload
Super SA Select Fund2.46 MBDownload
Superannuation Funds Management Corporation of South Australia7.64 MBDownload
TAFE SA4.90 MBDownload
Teachers Registration Board of South Australia3.26 MBDownload
TechinSA4.68 MBDownload
Trade and Investment - Department for4.85 MBDownload
Transmission Lessor Corporation1.78 MBDownload
Treasury and Finance - Department of8.17 MBDownload
University of Adelaide10.03 MBDownload
University of South Australia8.19 MBDownload
Urban Renewal Authority14.38 MBDownload
Wellbeing SA1.67 MBDownload
West Beach Trust3.46 MBDownload
Women's and Children's Health Network Incorporated4.46 MBDownload
Yorke and Northern Local Health Network Incorporated4.07 MBDownload