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Adelaide Entertainments Corporation

Functional responsibility

The Adelaide Entertainments Corporation (the Corporation) was established on 4 February 1999 pursuant to Regulations under the Public Corporations Act 1993. The Corporation is responsible to the Minister for Tourism.

The main function of the Corporation is to manage and operate the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium. For details of the Corporation’s functions refer note 1 of the financial report.

Financial statistics
Income from trading activities: $20.2 million
Profit from trading activities: $4.9 million
Loss from property management activities: $6.6 million
Net loss: $1.7 million

The following information on the number of events held and patrons attending these events was provided by the Corporation and is unaudited.

  2015 2014
Adelaide Entertainment Centre: Number Number
   Events 78 91
   Patrons 306 000 403 000
Coopers Stadium:    
   Events 22 22
   Patrons 227 000 163 000

Significant events and transactions
  • On 1 August 2015 the Corporation became the Adelaide Venue Management Corporation and commenced management of the Adelaide Convention Centre. The assets, rights, liabilities and all employees (other than the Chief Executive) of the Adelaide Convention Centre Corporation transferred to the Corporation on this date.
  • $5 million dividend payment to the SA Government pursuant to section 22(4) of the Public Corporations (Adelaide Entertainments Corporation) Regulations 2013.

Financial statement opinion