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Adelaide Oval SMA Limited

Functional responsibility

The Adelaide Oval SMA Limited (AOSMA) is a company whose directors and members are appointed equally by the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) and the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA). AOSMA is not a public authority. It was created in December 2009 as a non-profit public company limited by guarantee.

AOSMA manages, operates and maintains the redeveloped Adelaide Oval stadium owned by the State Government and also the area closely surrounding the stadium (the precinct). AOSMA also provides various services as agent on behalf of the SANFL, SACA and promoters in return for a fee.

Financial statistics
Net assets: $3.9 million
Loss from trading activities: $2 million
Net contributions to the SANFL and SACA from trading activities: $1.7 million
Monies collected as agent on behalf of the SANFL and SACA: $15.2 million
Monies collected as agent on behalf of parties other than the SANFL and SACA: $23 million

Significant events and transactions

AOSMA commenced full-scale operations upon practical completion of the redeveloped Adelaide Oval stadium.

Financial statement opinion

AOSMA recognised reimbursements totalling $1.8 million from the State Government that we could not substantiate would be paid.

Financial controls opinion
Not applicable

A financial controls opinion is not required as AOSMA is not a public authority.

Key issues with financial controls:

  • AOSMA had not commenced independent internal auditing of its controls
  • Controls that ensure effective contract management required strengthening