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Attorney-General's Department

Functional responsibility

The Attorney-General’s Department (the Department or AGD) is an administrative unit established pursuant to the Public Sector Act 2009.

The functions of the Department are to help create an inclusive, safe and fair South Australia. The Department promotes justice through protecting rights and holding people to account according to the law, improving safety and contributing to an efficient and fair justice system.

Refer notes 1, 2(c), 4 and A1 of the financial report for further information on the Department.

Financial statistics
Net cost of providing services: $106 million
Total appropriation: $106 million
Number of FTEs: 1450.7
   Taxation revenue $291 million
   Fines and related fees $79 million

Significant events and transactions
  • SafeWork SA, previously part of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, joined the Department from 1 July 2014.
  • The South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal was established from 30 March 2015.
  • A new contract for the replacement and maintenance of the Government Radio Network service was executed with Motorola Solutions Australia.

Financial statement opinion

Financial controls opinion
Key issues:
  • No comprehensive legal compliance framework
  • No Department-wide risk register
  • No regular review, or no evidence of review, of user access to a number of systems
  • Controls for the Shared Services SA main payroll environment did not meet a generally satisfactory standard