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Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Functional responsibility

The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI or the Department) is an administrative unit established pursuant to the Public Sector Act 2009.

DCSI works with all South Australians, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, to ensure they have access to high quality services that protect and enhance the community’s wellbeing and provide support to people when in need.

DCSI is also a service provider to the South Australian Housing Trust through its Housing SA division.

For more information about DCSI’s objectives and functions refer notes 1 and 4 of the financial report.

Financial statistics
Net cost of providing services: $1.1 billion
Total appropriation: $1.1 billion
Total assets: $373 million
Number of FTEs: 4569

Significant events and transactions
  • As part of an administrative restructure, 132 employees transferred to the Urban Renewal Authority from 5 February 2015.
  • Development of the concession payment system, CASIS, discontinued. The total cost written off was $7.4 million.

Financial statement opinion

Financial controls opinion
Key issues:
  • Performance management reviews of brokerage service providers need to be improved, consistently assessed and fully undertaken
  • A significant number of disability client service agreements were executed after the provision of brokerage services
  • Policies related to cloud computing should be more closely aligned to the Information Security Management Framework
  • A manual reconciliation process to match concession payments to eligibility requirements was effective for only part of the year
  • Some bona fide reports are not being certified or are reviewed substantially later than policy requires
  • Controls for the Shared Services SA main payroll system did not meet a generally satisfactory standard