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Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Functional responsibility

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (the Department) is an administrative unit established pursuant to the Public Sector Act 2009 and has diverse responsibilities for transport systems and services, infrastructure planning and provision, sporting infrastructure and strategic land use for South Australia.

Financial statistics
Total expenses: $1560 million
Net revenue from providing services: $519 million
Total appropriation: $369 million
Payments to SA Government: $80 million
Capital expenditure: $448 million
Total non-current assets: $24 billion
Number of FTEs (excluding Rail Commissioner): 2518
Total income: $1128 million
Disbursements to third parties: $918 million
Payments to Consolidated Account: $176 million

Significant events and transactions
  • Once-off receipt of $853 million into the Highways Fund from the Motor Accident Commission.
  • Restructuring resulted in the number of FTEs reducing by 301.

Financial statement opinion

Financial controls opinion
Key issues:
  • A robust risk management process was not in place for the year
  • Insufficient processes for management of compliance with legal, financial authorised officer and disclosure obligations
  • Accounts payable: inadequate controls over system access, manual payments, foreign currency transactions and the vendor master file
  • Purchase cards: inadequate controls over the management of cardholders and transactions
  • Payroll: controls did not ensure all payments were bona fide and accurate, and that all leave was recorded
  • No contract management plans for operational and maintenance agreements for recreational and sporting facilities
  • Controls for the Shared Services SA main payroll system did not meet a generally satisfactory standard
  • IT network access rules for the registration and licensing system were insufficient