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South Australian Housing Trust

Functional responsibility

The South Australian Housing Trust (the Trust) continued in existence under the South Australian Housing Trust Act 1995. The Trust also administers the Housing Improvement Act 1940.

The functions of the Trust include the following:

  • the construction, purchase, ownership and management of houses and units for tenant occupation
  • managing Trust tenancies and housing grant programs.

The Trust has service level administrative arrangements with the:

  • Urban Renewal Authority to provide asset and maintenance services, and housing development and delivery projects to renew housing stock and manage not-for-profit community housing growth strategies and transfers
  • Department for Communities and Social Inclusion to deliver social housing services through Housing SA.

Financial statistics
Net cost of providing services: $284 million
Rental income: $287 million
Total revenue from SA Government: $179 million
Value of rental property: $8182 million
Number of lettable rental properties: 41 726
Number of FTEs: 865.5

Significant events and transactions
  • Received $65 million in June 2015 for a public housing package to renovate and rebuild Trust houses.
  • Commenced Business System Transformation program to replace the Trust’s ageing mainframe based business system.

Financial statement opinion

Financial controls opinion
Key issues:
  • Uninvestigated potential overclaimed/overpaid benefits
  • Private rental assistance not consistently verified
  • Contractual abatements not applied where multi-trade contractors (MTCs) failed to achieve performance benchmarks
  • MTC audit and compliance activities not undertaken
  • Monthly statutory declaration confirming payment of MTC subcontractors and employees not provided by an MTC
  • Payroll bona fide reports are not always reviewed and certified on a timely basis
  • Ineffective review of leave reports