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Attorney-General's Department (AGD)

Financial statistics
Employee benefits expenses: $156 million
Net cost of providing services: $110 million
Revenues from SA Government: $112.5 million
Number of FTEs (includes administered): 1498.1
   Taxation revenue $288 million
   Fines and related fees $87 million
   Victims of Crime levies $42 million

Significant events and transactions

State Records of South Australia, previously part of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, joined AGD from 1 July 2015. This involved the transfer of staff and employee liabilities and assets with a net value of $1.1 million.

Financial statement opinion

Financial controls opinion
Key issues:
  • No regular review, or no evidence of review, of user access to a number of systems
  • Key payroll reports not reviewed promptly
  • Instances of lack of segregation between purchasing and receiving goods and services
  • Business processes in Consumer and Business Services need improvement
  • Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit policies needed further work and did not cover the revocation of an enforcement determination