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Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)

Financial statistics
Total expenses: $1601 million
Net cost of providing services: $265 million
Net revenues from SA Government: $869 million
Equity contributions from SA Government: $298 million
Capital expenditure: $653 million
Total non-current assets: $24 billion
Number of FTEs (excluding Rail Commissioner): 2397
Total income: $1151 million
Disbursements to third parties: $928 million
Payments to Consolidated Account: $183 million

Significant events and transactions
  • $449 million was paid into the Highways Fund from the Motor Accident Commission.
  • Commonwealth revenues of $244 million were received for road related capital projects.
  • A gain on revaluation of network assets of $328 million was largely offset by a loss on revaluation of property of $305 million.
  • Procurement transformation and project governance framework development progressed.

Financial statement opinion

Financial controls opinion
Key issues:
  • Further opportunities to improve procurement and contract management
  • Further improvements required in project delivery and governance arrangements
  • No contract management framework or plan for the new across government facilities management arrangement
  • Risk management processes need further development
  • Legal compliance management framework was not fully established
  • Improvements in the administration of authorised officers remain unresolved
  • Accounts payable policies and procedures were inadequate
  • Responsibility for purchase card administration not assigned
  • Payroll controls did not ensure all payments were bona fide and accurate, and that all leave was recorded