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Lotteries Commission of South Australia (LCSA)

Financial statistics
Sales revenue: $464 million
Prizes: $280 million
Master Agent fee: $57 million
Gambling tax: $75 million
Number of FTEs: 6

Significant events and transactions
A new lottery, Set for Life, commenced operation in August 2015.

Financial statement opinion

Financial controls opinion

Key issues:

  • In 2014 the LCSA identified that Tatts was not complying with certain requirements of the State Lotteries Act 1966 by calculating gambling tax based on Keno prizes payable instead of prizes paid, and not making sufficient contributions into the Keno Prize Reserve. On 25 June 2014 the previous Chief Executive instructed Tatts to address this. Tatts has disputed and not complied with the instruction. The LCSA has not escalated these matters in accordance with the framework in the transaction documents.
  • The LCSA has processes for checking compliance by Tatts with the gaming rules, transaction documents and the State Lotteries Act 1966. The LSCA has not documented its procedure for completing these processes.