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South Australia Police (SAPOL)

Financial statistics
Employee benefits expense: $663 million
Net cost of providing services: $790 million
Total revenues from SA Government: $798 million
Property, plant and equipment: $347 million
Employee benefits liability and related on-costs: $295 million
Workers compensation liability: $77 million
Number of active FTEs:  
   Police Act 1998 employees 4616
   Protective Security 123
   Unsworn employees 932
      Total 5671
Administered items:  
   Revenue from expiation fees: $70 million
   Revenue from Victims of Crime levy: $12 million

Significant events and transactions
  • Work is continuing on Stages 2 to 4 of the Shield Business Transformation program. Program costs incurred to date totalled $25 million out of a total estimated program cost of $58 million.
  • During the year SAPOL revalued its non-current assets, resulting in a $13 million increase in revaluation surplus within equity.
  • $30 million was returned to the Consolidated Account under the cash alignment policy.

Financial statement opinion

Financial controls opinion
Key issues:
  • Lack of controls to ensure missing timesheets and leave forms are submitted to Shared Services SA for processing
  • Certain payroll reports and leave forms were either not reviewed or not reviewed promptly
  • Inadequate review of workers compensation payments
  • Position titles and payment approval limits in the workers compensation Self-insured Management system do not align with delegated authority
  • Local Service Areas have not advised the Expiation Notice Branch of the current status of a large number of missing traffic infringement notices
  • Instances where Shared Services SA was not notified of identified errors in Basware system delegations