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The Legislature

Financial statistics
House of Assembly $'million

Legislative Council $'million
Joint Parliamentary Service $'million
Net cost of services: 15.1 9.1 22.1
Total appropriation: 15.1 9.0 11.0
Members’ salaries and allowances: 9.5 5.0 n/a

House of Assembly Number

Legislative Council Number
Joint Parliamentary Service Number
Members: 47 22 n/a
Employees (FTEs): 26 18 68

Significant events and transactions
  • The abolition of certain travel benefits and fees to ordinary members on Parliamentary committees became effective on 1 January 2016. They were replaced with a common allowance to all members of $30 294 p.a. A Shadow Minister's allowance was also introduced on 1 January 2016.
  • The revaluation of land, buildings and library assets resulted in a revaluation decrement of $15.9 million. Of this, an $11.1 million decrement was recognised as an expense in the Statement of Comprehensive Income.

Financial statement opinion

The Auditor-General has issued a disclaimer of opinion on the Joint Parliamentary Service’s financial report as we were not provided with unrestricted access to:

  • the minutes of the Joint Parliamentary Service Committee meetings
  • catering division financial information.

The Auditor-General has issued unmodified opinions on the financial reports of the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council.

Financial controls opinion
Not applicable

A financial controls opinion is not required because the House of Assembly, Legislative Council and Joint Parliamentary Service are not public authorities.