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Annual reports

The main report is the Auditor-General’s Annual Report which is required to be completed by 30 September each year. This Report has three parts.

Part A: The executive summary primarily contains commentary on the main matters that should, in my opinion, be brought to the attention of the Parliament and the Government arising from the program of audit work performed at public sector agencies.

Part B: Agency audit reports contains a summary of the outcomes of the audit of each agency included in the Auditor-General’s Annual Report. It features a snapshot of key agency information covering functional responsibility, financial statistics, significant events and transactions, and whether the financial statement and financial controls opinions are unmodified or modified (qualified).

The Appendix to the Annual Report: Contains the Treasurer’s statements and scanned copies of the final audited financial reports of public sector agencies that were forwarded to me that are, in my opinion, of sufficient importance to warrant publication.

Supplementary reports

In addition the Auditor-General's produces supplementary reports throughout the year on significant financial management, accounting and control matters within the public sector.

Other Reports

The Auditor-General also produces other reports. These may include reports on:

  • the operations of the Auditor-General's Department 
  • examinations specifically requested by the Parliament of South Australia, Treasurer, Minister or the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption
  • examinations initiated by the Auditor-General of specific issues of importance and interest in the local government sector 
  • the Adelaide Oval redevelopment
  • summaries of confidential government contracts
  • the efficiency and economy with which a public authority uses its resources.